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Hey, heey, heeeey!! It's your girl "Miss Co" which is C-O, the first two letters

of my name Cornelia and I'm an online-digital-creative BRAND BUILDER!! There are three aspects of my business, the first being, I offer Notary Services to my local market and community. Second, I create customized T-shirt Designs for any and all occasions, including new businesses! Third, I provide a free Business Plan outline for the entrepreneur or employ-preneur wanting to start a business but need a little inspiration! I help entrepreneurs and other small business owners build-brand-boost their online presence!


Some of the non-related aspects of my business is I am a community resource! I love helping others, especially those who can't help themselves! I have experience as a former Social Worker in a nursing facility and I have a strong desire to be a point of contact for those in need! I provide this free step by step guideline about nursing home admissions/placement to those who are reluctant and possibly a little scared of placing their loved one in a facility! I especially like to keep my eyes and ears open for scams and I share information on how to avoid them!


Last thing, I'm a down to earth, small town girl striving to make all my BIG dreams and aspirations come true! I'm also one of the lead ministers in the role of Associate Pastor at Living Waters International Ministries under the leadership of Apostles, Dr. Melvin and Dr. Jennifer Blue and I'm a member of an amazing sisterhood based out of my hometown, known as the M.U.A.H. Sistas. There is so much more I could say but I'll stop right here...

Available for Booking

-Mistress of Ceremony

-Women/Singles Conferences

-Business Expos/Panels

Contact me for your next ministry service or business event:



Online Apparel Store

"Every since I was a little girl, I've always loved to take pictures and capture moments! I  love themes and color schemes! I love to mix and match colors! I'm very tech savvy and mechanically inclined to some degree!

Now I understand why!"

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